Welcome to my world. A world of Stories, and what they mean far beyond where most of us think that stories can go.

Now don’t worry, I’m not talking here about going into deeply psychological, technical, symbolic analysis of stories that we tell. Plenty of people have done that already. No, my interest is in looking at how we live, teach, learn, communicate and do business in terms of the stories that we are telling, consciously or unconsciously, as we do what we do.

The curtain is about to rise
The curtain is about to rise

My background is as a designer of sound, lighting, and projections for the theater. In great theater, a team of writers, actors, directors, designers and others come together to tell a single story.  In fact, one of the things that makes great theater great is that every single decision that has been made in the creative process is in support of telling the story.

When I work as a sound designer I often choose music, or create ambient soundtracks which play in the theater as the audience comes in. Even though many of the members of the audience may not notice consciously that this music is playing, it creates a “vibe” that prepares the audience for the experience that they are about to have, the journey that we are inviting them to join us on.

This example may seem obvious, but let me take it a step further than that. Often in my sound designs the sounds that the audience hears in the 5 to 10 minutes leading up to the beginning of the show, are very carefully chosen. It may be a particular piece of music that sets the scene especially well, or it may be building ambient effects to begin to draw the audience into the world of the production. Very often, I will very slowly and gently move the sounds that the audience is hearing forward in the theater, so that the sounds which were surrounding the audience, now unconsciously draw their attention forward to the closed curtains and create a sense of building anticipation. And all of this has happened before the play even begins.

I have found that taking this amount of care in the stories we tell, helps us to communicate better, and creates an emotional impact for the people who experience whatever it is that we’re doing.  I believe that this is key.

I wanted to start this blog with this ramble, to give you, dear readers a sense of where I’m coming from.  In future posts, I expect to talk about topics here that range from theater and traditional storytelling, to  teaching, business, life and how technology can assist us in telling our stories more powerfully. Please stay tuned.  I look forward to your comments.