My friend Ian recently started an incredibly exciting project. It’s called The Grok Project

To quote the description from his “what is the grok project” page:

Over the course of three years, I will step through the history of science and technology … and, of course, blog about it.  Instead of just studying and summarizing this history, I am going to try toexperience it in any way I can.  I will smelt iron, perform the oil-drop experiment, build motors, etc….  This will go from the dawn of civilization through the present <reverb>and BEYOND!</reverb>

He is starting by experimenting with the Paleolithic diet which he describes on his blog And it’s been a people fascinating and exciting to follow this project over the next three, or four, or five, or however many years.

As I listened to Ian talking about this project, it immediately brought to mind a book which I’ve heard talked about in some detail on a number of occasions on the Twit Network of podcasts (or netcasts as they prefer to call them.) The book is called The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive.

It is me trying to describe it, I’ll let the author speak for himself in the video below.

Geek Atlas Video - Click to play
Geek Atlas Video - Click to play

Have you read The Geek Atlas? What do you think of it? I look forward to your comments?