I have to say, I’m rather new to actually using twitter but I’m really getting to love it. This morning I saw a tweet from Wendi Friesen. If you don’t already know about Wendi’s work, she’s an amazing hypnotist, who has the biggest array of self hypnosis audio to help you with anything you can imagine that I have ever seen. I’ve known about her for quite a few years, and have a number of her products. One of them is a set of hypnosis sessions to help solve insomnia. This was an almost magical solution for me, when I was really having difficulty sleeping.

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!
Photo by Son of Groucho

But in any case, this morning Wendi tweeted a special gift, particularly for people who were having a really hard time right now. It’s a video and an MP3 download that she is offering for free to help us release our fears so that we can create the things that we most need in our lives to be who we really are.

Now I know to some people, the idea of the “Law Of Attraction” another manifestation techniques seems very strange, and New Age woo woo ridiculousness. And I understand where that tendency comes from, it’s easy to dismiss something that is so far outside the past experience most of us have had. Also, it’s often discussed in the very new age, flowery language which is a turnoff for many people. But I think to ignore this set of tools is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

I could talk about why I believe that everything in the universe is connected to an energetic level, and that this is being proven more and more clearly through research in physics. I could also talk about how these manifestation ideas really come directly out of ancient tradition, retold in modern forms first at the turn of the 20th century and then again in recent years. I’m not to do either of those things, maybe I will in another post someday.

It’s all in your head!

I want to talk to you about is fairly straightforward, and it’s what happens in your own mind, no woo woo needed. The Law Of Attraction teachers talk about how we get what we focus on. This isn’t a big surprise, it’s just how our brains work. Have you ever had the experience of buying a new car, and suddenly it seems like every third car you see on the highway is the same model you bought. Or maybe, you’ve bought an item of clothing, and all of a sudden it seems like everyone around you is wearing the same style. We are creatures of pattern recognition, so once we make an important decision our brains are filtering for related information — other people with the same car, or wearing the same outfit.

Likewise, when we concentrate on our fears, on our experience of being stuck, our brains provide us with all of the things around us that we can use that information and evidence for why we should be afraid, and how stuck we truly are. When we shift what we’re thinking about, even if we don’t completely believe it, we’re giving our unconscious minds new sets of things to look for — things like new possibilities. My experience has been, in my own life, but this is truly the case. When I feel stuck, I tend to get depressed and focus on how depressed I am, and then do things to try to make me feel better like watch TV. I think it’s obvious, how unlikely that is to cause a solution to occur to me — I’m just not putting myself in situations where I would be inspired.

I really believe that the most dangerous thing for us to focus on is fear, because it’s so easy to make that fear grow and become paralyzed by it. This is clearly not useful. And that brings me back to Wendi’s gift. In the video, Wendi tells her amazing story of how she used changing her focus to solve a really scary problem in her own life, and then she leads a very brief, but very powerful exercise to start that process in you. The MP3 download is a 20 minute hypnosis session to take this even further and deeper really releasing fear.

So I hope that  this makes sense. And I hope, that if you haven’t tried any of this sort of work, or even if you have, that you’ll go and take advantage of Wendi’s free gift right now.

It’s at: http://www.planetwendi.com/2009/12/my-gift-to-you/

Thank you Wendi! and Merry Christmas!