Please excuse this blatantly promotional post, but I’m really excited about this, and you get awesome stuff for free.

Self Improvement Gifts 4 is a special website which will only be available for the next 15 days. It contains over 300 free self-improvement downloads from creators all over the world, including my Journey of Relaxation (of course you can get that free for my website already:.)

Here are just a few examples of the really cool stuff you can download for free right now:

* Personal Development Tips – Paul Klein

* NLP – Love Your Physical Self – Elizabeth Benson

* Dynamic Personality – Alex Perez Pratt

* Transformational Fitness – Amy Lundberg

*Anger Management – Giovanni Farotto

* Managing Stress – Heather Step

* How to Stay Focused – Piet Venter

* Unlimited Abundance – Gary L Glasscock

* 110 Self Help Super Tips – Jack Brown

* Outrageous Health – Charly Leetham

* Secrets of the Subconscious – Alvin Huang

* Law of Attraction – Dechen Lau

* How to Reinvent Yourself at Midlife – Iyabo Asani

* Peak Performance – Frank Bauer

* Personal Transformation – Tony Dovale

* Easy Meditation – Esdee Penn

All you have to do is click this link to go to Self Improvement Gifts right now. Keep in mind that this will only be available until January 19 and then the site comes down. I am really excited about getting the chance to check out what all sorts of self-improvement experts are doing for free.

What are your favorite downloads from Self Improvement Gifts? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about them.