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It IS a Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


I love Christmas.  Of course by all rights I shouldn’t.  My entire family is and always has been Jewish, and the holiday has no religious significance to us.  But I still love it.  I always have.

My life is about magic and love, and at this time of year they abound.

Christmas Fairies Bokeh Dance

All of the lights are wonderful, as is the sense of coming together in the dark of the year to celebrate with lights and gift giving and merry making. It is some powerful magic.

And I LOVE the music, particularly some of the traditional “pop” holiday songs like Sleigh Ride, The Christmas Song, and many more.

So, as I did last year, I decided to create a musical Christmas card for all of you, however you celebrate (or not) the holidays.   I get to sing (something I don’t do anywhere near as much as I’d like to these days) and share with one of my favorite songs.

Just click here to hear me sing!

May your New Year be filled with the magic of the creations of your heart!

Much love!


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  • Andrew Wegman

    What a great singing voice, AD. Merry Christmas to you.

    • Andy Dolph

      and to you my friend!


  • chicsinger simone

    Nicely done! Merry Christmas and magical holidays to you.

    • Andy Dolph

      Thanks Simone! The same to you!!